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Therapy Resolution ® Consultations

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Out of town requests and seasonal locations: Sedona Arizona, Santa Fe New Mexico accepted.
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Consultations with Dr Martha are offered in categories below to help you with physical, emotional pain, symptom management and recovery. Service areas include consciousness death and dying. Regardless of the consultation requests areas presented, Dr Martha can empower you to make the mind-body connection to understand your underlying reason for difficulty in your life. Dive deep into ancient wisdom of the past combined with modern psychological tools of the present to help you today!

Consultations and care are offered to and may include:


Weight Loss


Chronic Pain


Habit Control

Cancer Care

Palliative Care
In- Home Care: including Geriatrics, Hospice, Pain Management

Symptom Management   including areas of care for Serious – Chronic Illness, Consciousness Death and Dying





Emotional Struggles

Relationship Difficulties

Unwanted Behavior






Inner Answers & Solutions

Past Lives


(Understanding  You)

Personal -Spiritual Growth



In- Person consultations

National Phone Consultations

Testimonial (Send Yours Here)

“I feel that a life changing event that not only changed my outlook on life, it changed everything about my being.

I have received an enlightenment that allows me to see myself and my world around me in a new way. An awakening that I will remember for ever.
My wife noticed the change in me within the first 3 minutes of her and I being together after this happened for me. I asked her to describe the change in me this is what she said….
‘It’s as if the man I knew was stripped naked and healed from the inside out.’
Thank you Dr. Martha, it was only through your love, compassion and wisdom that this could have come into my life. “

Tony Diss  Lung Cancer Survivor –
(Less than 15% survive lung cancer in the USA ; Dr. Martha proudly notes that Tony became her prize student, now helping others in services and support)