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Hours: Monday – Friday, and Saturdays (2nd of the month) 9 AM – 2 PM.
Location: Erie, Pa., Eastern Time. Consults are accepted out of town and offered by in-person or telephone. Request Appointment Here
A consultation with Dr Martha may include any of these areas below…


Healthcare, Behavioral Sciences
Neural – decision science healthcare specialist

Pain and symptom management

Palliative care:

Palliative care is an interdisciplinary medical specialty that centers on preventing and relieving suffering thereby helping to improve the patient’s quality of life and supporting families facing serious and chronic illness .It may also include areas where a patient is preparing or recovering from surgery.

The primary principles of palliative care are pain and symptom management and establishing objectives of care that are consistent with the patient’s values and preferences.

Palliative care includes support areas to family caregivers. Services contain psychosocial, spiritual, and practical Integrative Medicine support.


Recovery& Insight

Mind-Body Medicine 

Emotional trauma recovery
Weight Loss
Stress Management
Panic Attacks-Anxiety
Pain Management

Subconscious Relief©
Most popular consult!

Discover today your underlying cause for the difficulties of your life.

Make the Mind-Body Connection!

Because Dr Martha is an intuitive, she often is requested to give ‘Insight’ and service areas to: Past Lives, Guidance and Understanding/ Connecting to spiritual realms and development. Areas include; healthcare, personal development, hardships and corporate management decisions and planning. Students always gather to learn how to Tap Your Own Inner Wisdom.

Services of this nature are welcomed!


  • Communication specialists in the public health arena
  • Health Educator, education and public health
  • Consultations
  • Business Strategist
  • CEU  Broker (National & International)
  • Moodle learning management system advisor, host provider and developer

Dr Martha is experienced working with top fortune 50 companies to SMB

-leading edge strategies for applications in healthcare, education and corporate industries and trade

Create avenues of success, develop and problem solving reviews for employee hiring, outreach, growth and stability

Requests are accepted for brief and quarterly reviews, contractual  program development

Get your programs or events accredited by CEU’S, CE’s

Call today (877) 690 – 6140