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Dive deep into Insight through business consulting consultations and gain a simple approach, to cut the stress, valuable for success and start up. Dr Martha helps entrepreneurs, businesses; corporations, trainers take advantage of foundation structures and relations for growth strategic alignment and development including employee relations. Business plans, strategies are analyzed to clear complicated spirals that otherwise are wasting your money, time and valuable resources.

Dr Martha has consulted with top fortune 50 companies, is a business development specialist and CEU Broker. Specialize in industries, including: academic program development, Healthcare, CAM services and programs, Hypnotherapy trades, and eLearning- IT program development (moodle)

She has a passion to help alternative education, Hospice and community programs gain leading edge strength into society means to ensure growth, stability and high R.O.I…

Consultations and care are offered to and may include:



Business Development Customer Solutions


Training Program Development

CEU Broker

IT Communications

eLearning- home study program development



CEO consultations often combine elite offering services for executives to ensure optimal performance. An example of this is the typical arena where most businesses fail because of failure to hire the best-fit candidate. This critical piece is detrimental to ensure success for any business.

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